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VW specialist Macclesfield

VW Specialist Macclesfield

Welcome to Links Automotive. We are individual experts when it comes to VWs. Our expertise includes evaluating the problem and fixing any issues quickly and affordably within the Macclesfield area.

Our team of highly qualified mechanics will diagnose and repair the most complex of VW faults. In addition, we offer a fully comprehensive service that includes MOT, repairs and servicing.

By choosing Links Automotive Macclesfield, you are placing your motor in the hands of highly-trained VW experts. We use only genuine parts and the most advanced tools available to complete every job. Don’t just take our word for it; our Google reviews confirm what we are saying.

Don’t delay. For help in getting your VW Macclesfield in tip top condition call us today at Links Automotive Macclesfield.

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VW specialist Macclesfield
VW specialist Macclesfield service

VW Service

When servicing your VW, we always run the necessary assessments to diagnose any issue, allowing us to complete the fix. We only use high-quality components which are the same, if not better, as VW dealers.

VW specialist Macclesfield repair

VW Repair & Maintenance

We are true VW specialists. We have complete access to tools and facilities that other garages do not. Every component we use is the same high quality parts that you’d get from the dealer.

VW specialist Macclesfield MOT


We ensure that your VW annual health check is a stress-free process. And to help you pass first time, we’re happy to combine your annual service with your MOT. Ask the team for more details.

Looking for a VW Specialist in Macclesfield?

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Common faults that you may encounter with your VW vehicle:


Golf/Golf Plus/Touran/Tiguan/Passat/Scirocco 2.0TDI – You may experience overheating, and this will cause the coolant gauge to become red. Usually, the issue here is that there is a failure with the water pump control valve, which restricts the impeller, causing a problem with the coolant flow within the engine.


Golf/Golf Plus – Poor performance of the heating system is often caused when something is blocking the heater matrix. More often than not, this is due to debris that can be found within the coolant system. Therefore, a complete flush of the coolant system and replacement of the heater matrix is often required.


Golf/Touran/Tiguan/Scirocco – When the EML light is displayed, and you have an issue with low power, then the fault is often with the EGR system. Unfortunately, more often than not, you need to completely replace the EGR system to fix a fault with a failed EGR valve.


Transporter – When the AdBlue warning sign is displayed, it’s often due to a software malfunction within the ECU. You may need an update to the ECU to fix this issue.

Links Automotive Macclesfield

We love to share our work with you.

We explain the VW jobs we have completed and the issues you may encounter here

Don’t delay. If you have experienced any issue with your VW, contact Links Automotive today

We invite you to join us on the journey as we get you back on the road!

We have so many happy customers because we provide a full service. Not only do we fix your VW, but we also offer complete customer service from start to finish! When you bring your VW to Links Automotive, we guarantee that we only fix the fault that is causing you an issue. We never make unnecessary changes.

The service that we offer can not be beaten. We will save you time and money whilst also providing your VW vehicle with genuine parts and a first-time complete fix.

There’s no shortcuts or hidden fees! Everything is up front. After the initial assessment, we will call you to discuss the best option for you. Our goal is to make everything stress-free and to offer you complete assistance and reassurance.

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Finance Options Available

We’ll help you budget – spread the cost of servicing with a tailored payment plan.

Links Automotive Macclesfield

Out of Hours

Let us accommodate you – we offer out of hours drop off and collection for our customers.

Links Automotive Macclesfield

Courtesy Car Options

Stay on the road with ease – we offer free courtesy cars. Just ask when booking.


We are the local Volkswagen experts within Macclesfield and the surrounding areas. 

As a local business, we appreciate local support! When you bring your VW to our Links Automotive garage, you are saving yourself time and money.

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Other Brands We Service

We’re passionate about providing a quality service for all German brands – from Mercedes and BMW to Audi and VW.

Own a German vehicle? We’d love to service it!

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Looking for a VW Specialist in Macclesfield?

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