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summer check macclesfield

Free Summer Check

Summer is the holiday season. It’s all fun and games, where you pack everything into the car and head off for your vacation. But, what if your car has issues on the way? 

Don’t worry. That’s the reason we offer a FREE summer health check, to ensure you and your family are safe (and your car will be problem-free) before you head off to relax.

Call us today, then you can daydream all day, assured that your car is ready for your summer adventures. 

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summer check macclesfield
Links Automotive Macclesfield


What’s included in your free summer health check:


Tyre condition, tread depth and pressure are all inspected so you don’t have any problems on your journey.


We’ll make sure your windscreen and wiper blades are in great condition, as well as topping up your screenwash for free.


Brakes are incredibly important. That’s why we’ll check your fluid level and composition, then give them a visual inspection.


Despite longer days, your front and rear lighting will get checked over, because you can never trust the Great British weather.


Coolant / Antifreeze
Your coolant level and antifreeze strength are checked too.


We’ll also check your battery, and the charging and starting system.

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Why Links Automotive?

Because you want the best garage in Macclesfield and some of the most affordable pricing. That’s why.

Our technicians are masters of their trade, guaranteeing a service that matches the dealership, but at a much better price, and without all the jargon.

Unlike other specialist Audi and Volkswagen garages in Macclesfield, you’ll never have to endure long waiting lists. We’ll even give you a free courtesy car to keep you on the road.

Finally, if you’re based around Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford and Congleton and the surrounding areas, we really convenient too!

Links Automotive Macclesfield

Summer Check Macclesfield

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