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MOT in Macclesfield

You want an honest and reliable MOT, which is affordable and performed by the top certified technicians in Macclesfield, right?  

You want a guarantee that your vehicle is running by the books…

You’re at the right place – Links Automotive. Local, friendly experts committed to the road safety of the people of Macclesfield and beyond.

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Links Automotive Macclesfield

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What’s an MOT?

It’s a mandatory annual health check for your car. It determines if your vehicle meets certain criteria that allow it to be driven safely on the roads. And, if your car is over 3 years old and doesn’t have one, you could face a £1,000 fine and invalid insurance.

When Is My MOT Due

Your MOT is due annually. But, don’t worry about remembering. We’ll send you a reminder when your next one is due after your first MOT with us.

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Early Booking

Sure! As long as you bring your car in no earlier than a month before your MOT is due, you’re absolutely good to go.

Keeping You Informed

MOTs are stressful. We understand. That’s why we’re always open and honest with you, to reassure you every step of the way, without all the confusing jargon you might be used to.

Once you’re in, we’ll give your vehicle an initial assessment, then discuss any repairs that may be required prior to issuing your MOT.  And, if you need work doing to get it through the MOT, we’ll do it straight away.

All our MOTs are undertaken at the local Macclesfield VOSA station, combining the finest testing equipment with our fully trained technicians. This means your MOT will only take around 45 minutes. And, to save you time and stress, we’ll happily arrange pick-up and delivery of your vehicle. We’re sure you’ve got other places you need to be.

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We have spaces available!

So, book your MOT here now.

Why Links Automotive?

Because you want an MOT in Macclesfield that isn’t only performed by some of Cheshire’s top technicians, but one that you’ll save money on without having to wait weeks for a booking.

It really is that simple. Save time. Save money. And, get an outstanding service you can trust.

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