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Brakes Macclesfield

Brakes are absolutely essential. It’s common sense. Without brakes in perfect order, you’re putting you, your family and anyone on the road, in a life-threatening situation. It sounds drastic, doesn’t it? But, it’s true.

And besides, if you leave it too long to change your brake pads you could well end up damaging your discs and having a much larger bill than you’d like. Prevention really is better than cure.

But, don’t worry. Our skilled technicians are trained to the highest standards to guarantee you’ll stay safe and sound. Everything we do is with your safety is the key focus. That’s why we’ll even give your car a full safety check when you bring it in to get your brakes looked at.

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Brakes Macclesfield
Links Automotive Macclesfield

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What’s involved in a brake check?

When we started Links Automotive, the plan was to keep you – the locals of Macclesfield and the surrounding areas – safe. And, to always deliver a 100% honest service. So, it’s only right you should know exactly what’s involved in a brake check.

Comprehensive Brakes Check


Check all brakes and brake balance



Optimise handbrake operation


Measure front brake pads, then clean and refit as required


Measure front brake discs, including run out


Measure rear brake pads, then strip clean and refit as required


Measure rear brake discs, including run-out


Brake fluid test and check. Then, we’ll top up your brake fluid


Check brake calipers and wheel cylinders


Check the condition of all brake hoses and hydraulic lines


Carry out a diagnostic scan of the ABS and Traction control system

Brakes Macclesfield

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Why Links Automotive?

Because you want the best garage in Macclesfield and some of the most affordable pricing. That’s why.

Our technicians are masters of their trade, guaranteeing a service that matches the dealership, but at a much better price, and without all the jargon. 

Unlike other specialist Audi and Volkswagen garages in Macclesfield, you’ll never have to endure long waiting lists. We’ll even give you a free courtesy car to keep you on the road.

Finally, if you’re based around Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Knutsford and Congleton and the surrounding areas, we are really convenient too!

Links Automotive Macclesfield

Brakes Macclesfield

Talk to us about your brakes. We’re here to help.