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How to fix a Child Lock Malfunction in an Audi Q8

The Audi Q8 is a large SUV, which comes packed with some of the most advanced safety features found on the market. Normally, that is a good thing since technology is seen as a blessing in the modern world. But for one of our clients, it turned out to be a curse.

Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction

Imagine seeing warning signs on the dash of such an advanced vehicle, especially one that is only a few years old. You would expect to see none of that when you have paid a huge amount. But that is something our client experienced first-hand in his 2019 Audi Q8. 

A ‘Child Lock Fault’ warning presented itself on his Audi’s instrument cluster. In simple terms, it meant that the passengers could not open the rear doors from the inside. The client had to face the inconvenience of disembarking from the SUV and opening the doors himself, like a chauffeur. That is not such a bad thing, to be honest, but when you are in a hurry a problem like that can get on your nerves. 

Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction

Therefore, it is better to fix the issue at the earliest convenience. 

When our client drove into Links Automotive, our experienced technician Dan Hague started working his magic.  

What We Found 

Our technician began the initial inspection and found something strange. The SUV’s rear doors wouldn’t open from the inside even when the child lock was disengaged. 

Usually, people forget they engaged the child lock, or they switch it on by accident and then complain about such an issue. But here, it looked like something else was malfunctioning. Perhaps, it was something about the control electronics or the software? 

Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction

Dan had to be 100% sure, so he checked the ECU for fault codes.     

Sure enough, two relevant codes popped up: 

  • B122D29 – Lock unit for central locking (implausible signal)
  • B14FF29 – Child safety lock motor (implausible  signal)

Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction

These unique codes helped our technician get closer to the problem and understand it better. 

As a result, Dan was able to move on to the next step – the diagnosis. 

In-Depth Diagnosis 

Links Automotive uses a 15-step diagnostic procedure which allows experienced technicians like Dan to reach the root cause of the problem faster than usual. As a result, the solution is employed quicker and the client gets back home with time to spare.  

With the Q8, Dan began the diagnosis by scanning the entire SUV for issues. He used the Audi official proprietary ODIS software for the matter and it turned up two fault codes B122D29 and B14FF29. Both the error codes proved that the client’s initial complaint was true and that the SUV indeed had child lock-related issues. 

Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction   Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction

The scan led Dan to two possible theories: 

  • The SUV had some external hindrance affecting the doors, causing the system to register a fault.
  • The issue was a result of some software or electronic malfunction, which signaled the onboard computer to flash a warning sign. 

It was quite easy for our technician to perform a visual inspection on the rear doors and ascertain that there weren’t any external elements affecting the door’s performance. 

So, Dan moved on and started to find answers for the other theory. He checked the fault codes against the Manufacturer’s Technical Bulletins and looked for any other cars affected by the same issue. Thankfully, after looking intently through the bulletin, Dan identified that the client’s Q8 was due for a much-needed software upgrade. 

Other Audi Q8s had had a similar problem and that showed in the technical bulletin. A software update from the manufacturer solved the issue for them. So, Dan had to do the same on all four doors to resolve the fault codes and send the client back home.

Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction

The speedy diagnosis was only possible thanks to our technician’s meticulous use of the 15-step diagnostic procedure. In other words, Dan succeeded where others may have failed and that is the difference between Links Automotive and other garages. We value learning from past experiences, although they might not be our own. But most importantly, Links Automotive believes in using all the necessary means to provide our customers with the best service.

Fixing the Fault  

Diagnosis is usually the hard part when it comes to solving such elusive problems. The actual solution is easy and often doesn’t take much time. Unfortunately, many technicians fail at the diagnosis stage and return the vehicle without offering a solution. On some occasions, they even try to find an impossible solution, charge you money, and the issue doesn’t go away.  

A job like the one on our client’s Q8 would have taken others a long time to diagnose or even solve. Thankfully, he decided to park his Q8 at Links Automotive and Dan offered the best care possible. 

Our technician downloaded the software in the client’s Q8 using the ODIS dealer software tool. Usually, it takes a long time but the super-fast internet connection and Links Automotive and the SUV’s amazing response took only a few hours of our client’s time. 

Once Dan updated the software, he rechecked the ECU for the fault codes. Sure enough, the ones pertaining to the child lock fault were no longer present. In other words, the issue was solved on the software end. All that was left now was for Dan to manually check the doors and see their response. 

Luckily, everything worked perfectly and our expert technician Dan was able to send the Q8 home.  

Now, you must be wondering about the cost of such a repair. Well, it didn’t do a lot of damage to the client’s bank account, that’s for sure. Our services bring value for your hard-earned money and satisfaction is guaranteed every time. 

Audi Q8 Child Lock Malfunction

Our Commitment to Excellence 

Links Automotive is the best in the business for a reason. We not only offer competitive rates but our technicians really are Audi experts, having either trained with Audi and Volkswagen or having years of experience working on them. 

All garages claim something like that, so what sets apart Links Automotive from its competition? 

That’s a good question and we often get asked this from new clients. The answer is pretty straightforward, we are committed to serving our clients by providing industry-leading services to them. Links Automotive does not differentiate or discriminate. It doesn’t matter if you come in a small car or a sports car or SUV, our technician will help you all the same. Moreover, we won’t charge you anything extra. 

A client came to us with an expensive Q8, our technician diagnosed the issue using the 15-step procedure, he employed the best possible solution, and we sent him back home the same day. 

What more could one ask for? Perhaps, a chilled soft drink while you are waiting for the repair? Well, we even have that covered at Links Automotive. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you have an issue with your car and it needs some assistance you can reach our experts at 01625 402262 to book an appointment or get valuable advice over the phone. 

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