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Solved: VW Transporter Pop Top Roof Fault

Owning a VW Transporter campervan gives you an unrivalled amount of freedom. But what happens when the pop-top roof stops working and you can no longer sleep in your camper?

Mr S encountered this problem with his VW Transporter. The VW control unit was showing the roof as open; when it was closed.

While this issue wasn’t stopping his vehicle from working, he couldn’t sleep in it any longer. It kind of takes away the perk of owning a VW Transporter campervan, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, Mr S didn’t waste any time and brought his vehicle to our VW specialists at Links Automotive for a check-up.

The issue

During the initial inspection, the VW Transporter showed “Fault Code 1000” on the control unit next to the interior mirror.

The fault code isn’t readable by a diagnostic reader and can easily be missed if you’re unfamiliar with the vehicle.

Luckily, our VW experts have extensive knowledge about all VW vehicles and use our 15-step diagnostic process to check every inch of the Transporter. We find even the smallest hidden faults other garages might miss.

At Links Automotive, we use our 15-step diagnostic process to find the root cause of the problem quickly and efficiently. You save time, money, and stress while getting a first-time fix.

Finding the issue

Using the fault code, our VW specialists identified the issue was related to the electric pop-top roof position sensors.

At Links Automotive, our experts have extensive VW knowledge, allowing them to use the ELSA Pro technical information to identify where the position sensors are.

Our VW specialists knew the pop-top roof sensors aren’t accessible in the closed position. And since the roof wasn’t functioning correctly, the roof had to be manually opened for a closer inspection.

While the roof was open, a visual check was performed on the VW Transporter position sensors.

Visual checks are a crucial first step to diagnosing any issue, but sometimes the fault is deeper than the surface. Fortunately, our VW experts could see the issue immediately.

The plastic sensor housing had cracked, allowing water to enter. The water was confusing the sensor, leaving the pop-top roof unable to open.

It can be common for the sensor housing to crack over time, usually due to wear and tear. Our expert technicians knew they needed to solve the issue swiftly to prevent the water from causing further problems.

Solving the fault

To confirm our suspicions, we dried the pop-top roof position sensors and attempted to open the roof with the control unit. The roof worked as it should, confirming the position sensor housing needed replacing.

We sourced the replacement parts and contacted Mr S with our plan of action. Once we had the go-ahead from Mr S, we proceeded with the fix.

Links Automotive always uses genuine VW or high-quality parts on all our repairs to give your vehicle quality, long-lasting results.

Once our expert technicians had replaced the sensor housing and rewired the connections, the VW Transporter was ready to be tested.

Mr S’ VW Transporter’s roof worked like new and displayed no fault codes.

When we called Mr S, he was happy to have his vehicle back in complete working condition. Not only was his VW Transporter fixed, but he received better value compared to the local VW dealership.

Who wouldn’t be happy with a dealership-level service without the price tag?


Mr S’ VW Transporter campervan had a pop-top roof issue preventing it from opening and stopped him from sleeping in his camper.

As his campervan wasn’t working correctly, he brought it to our VW specialists at Links Automotive.

At Links Automotive, our VW specialists used their extensive knowledge, skill set, and our 15-step diagnostic process to identify the root of the fault.

His VW Transporter had a damaged electric pop-top roof position sensor housing, which caused water to pool around the sensor. Water is the last thing you want around your vehicle’s electronics and can cause extensive damage if left unchecked.

Once our experts had replaced the sensor housing, the VW Transporter pop-top roof worked perfectly.

Mr S was over the moon to have his campervan working as it should, with zero fault codes on his control unit. He was even happier when it came to paying the bill. He’d saved money compared to the main VW agent and received personalised service.

If your VW Transporter campervan has an issue, contact Links Automotive and speak with our team.

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