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Audi Q2 electronics malfunction

How to fix Audi Q2 electronics malfunction (B1162 29)

It doesn’t get much worse than hopping in your car only to be greeted by a warning message on your dashboard. We’ve all been there, right?

Unfortunately for Mrs C, her Audi Q2 had a worrying electrical malfunction error code appearing on her dashboard. While the car still worked and the fault didn’t stop any functions, it’s not what you want to see when you fire up your engine.

Besides, who knows what’s happening under your car’s bonnet. The last thing you want to do is ignore it; it could result in further issues. Expensive ones. Thinking the worst, she brought her Audi Q2 to us at Links Automotive for a check over.

Issues we found

During the first inspection, we noticed the car’s fault memory had been cleared. Strange, but when we asked Mrs C, she confirmed another garage had looked over the car but couldn’t figure out the issue. The other garage recommended coming to us at Links Automotive as we are Audi specialists. And that’s a big thing for us…

…being known as the go-to Audi specialists in the area. Even amongst garages.

Even though the fault had been cleared, Mrs C gave a great description of the issue and informed our experts of the onscreen warning message “Vehicle electronics malfunction”. Our Audi specialists had a good idea of what was happening but needed to run tests to confirm their suspicions.

Diagnosing the problem

As the code wasn’t currently showing, we thought it was best to run the car for a while and see if the fault reappeared.

The car faulted. Our suspicions were confirmed.

The Audi Q2 showed a B1162 29 error code, an issue with the ‘selector lever park position lock switch’.

Now our expert technicians knew what was happening; they could fix the car.

At Links Automotive, all our technicians use a 15 step diagnosis process. Doing so guarantees we identify all the problems with your car first time, saving you time and money. The 15 step process gets nitty-gritty, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Error codes can have many meanings. And it’s essential the necessary steps are taken to eliminate all possibilities. Luckily for Mrs C, her Audi Q2 didn’t have any hidden faults beneath the surface. The only problem was a faulty park switch within the gear selector module.

Usually, this part is a major expense and requires an entire unit replacement. But, Audi has developed a repair kit to bypass the original switch, saving you a considerable amount of money. But not every garage would know that.  Our technicians have experience bypassing the parking switch, allowing them to give Mrs C a cost-effective option.

Fixing the car

Mrs C was given two choices:

  1. Replace the entire unit, which is expensive.
  2. Bypass the switch with the Audi repair kit, the Audi approved and cheaper option (our recommendation).

I think you can guess which option Mrs C went for – The bypass.

Now our technicians had a solution; they went to work. They fit the new park switch inside the gear selector module, bypassing the original.

Links Automotive use genuine Audi parts for our repairs. We don’t deal with cheaper, lower quality parts; we want to ensure your premium car has the premium parts it needs. Cheaper car parts don’t cut it and don’t last as long as they should.

Once the Audi Q2’s bypass was completed and the replacement parts fitted, the car ran like new. The warning lights had cleared, and Mrs C could confidently leave Links Automotive, knowing her car was safe to drive again.


Mrs C’s Audi Q2 had a worrying ‘Vehicle electronics malfunction’ warning lighting up her dashboard. She took her vehicle to a local garage, but they couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

This led Mrs C to our expert Audi technicians at Links Automotive.

After an initial assessment, our experts identified the problem using our 15 step diagnostic process. The Audi Q2 needed a new park switch, which would normally require the whole unit to be replaced; talk about a costly job. Fortunately, our technicians are Audi experts, and they performed an Audi approved bypass, saving Mrs C a significant amount of money.

Once the bypass had been completed, the Audi Q2 was like new. Mrs C was over the moon; not only was her car fixed, but the bill was cheaper than an Audi dealership.

If your Audi Q2’s dashboard is lighting up with warning lights, call our specialists at Links Automotive. Our team of Audi experts are more than happy to help. Call us on 01625 402262 and book your Audi premium check-up without paying dealership prices.

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