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VW golf wastegate

VW Golf Wastegate

The Volkswagen Golf is considered one of the most reliable cars on the road today, according to a study by AutoExpress which confirms the Volkswagen status within the Top 10 cars in the world.  And even without this study, we all know that Volkswagen has a fierce and loyal following.  It seems normal that once you have a VW, you tend to stay a VW client.

But having that reliability at your fingertips means when something does go wrong it can cause a major headache.  And especially when you have an internal fault that isn’t easily spotted and fixed.

Luckily, here at Links Automotive, we are VW specialists working daily with all types of VW models. Consequently, we have experience of all types of faults, including the more unusual!

 At Links Automotive, we use a unique 15 step diagnostic evaluation process that allows us to access the vehicle supply data and get to the root cause of the problem. This means that we can give our clients the first time fix they want and deserve. What’s more, we make sure that we care for our clients’ vehicles as the manufacturer intended – ensuring the Volkswagens we work on continue to perform reliably and as their owners would expect.

VW golf wastegate

When Mr H brought his 2017 Volkswagen Golf to our Macclesfield VW garage with an engine warning light and loss of power, our VW specialist technicians got to work immediately on finding out the whole story.

Mr H advised that he had noticed the engine management light appear on his dashboard, which was teamed with a loss of power.  The fault wasn’t happening all the time.  It was intermittent, leading to further frustration for Mr H.

Once our team had the details from the client, we got to work immediately on completing the diagnostic evaluation and getting Mr H back on the road.


With the vehicle in our VW Garage, we completed a full visual inspection of the car.  The inspection revealed nothing that would cause the engine management light, so we got to work completing a full scan and accessing the supply data.

VW golf wastegate

The data identified the following fault codes:

  • P2B93 00 – Wastegate Position Sensor 1 (Learning Limits Exceeded)
  • P25B4 00 – Turbocharger/Supercharger Wastegate 1 (Stuck Closed)
  • P25B3 00 – Turbocharger/Supercharger Wastegate 1 (Stuck Open)

As an independent VW Garage, we have access to all manufacturer guidelines and bulletins, as well as genuine VW parts for our servicing and repairs.

So having located the fault codes, our VW specialist got to work checking the VW bulletins to see if these fault codes have been identified as a common fault within the VW range. 

Using the bulletins helps to speed up the diagnosis and allows us to eliminate guesswork from our repairs.

We found a VW bulletin that confirmed all the same fault codes as Mr H’s VW Golf exhibited. 

With access to this manufacturer information and with our specialists knowledge and expertise of the VW engine, we checked the Turbocharger Wastegate Actuator rod and confirmed a lot of corrosion around the connection.  Corrosion build-up will cause the mechanism to be stiff and cause the Wastegate to stay open or closed.

So our VW technicians replaced the actuator rod with the updated part that VW had released in light of this common issue.  

VW golf wastegate 

With this in place, basic settings test was carried out on the Turbocharger Wastegate motor, whilst also completing a visual check of the Wastegate whilst in operation to confirm the movement was no longer stiff or blocked.

Finally, we carried out a road test of the VW Golf and were happy to confirm that the fault had been fixed and the engine management light was no longer illuminated on the dashboard.


At Links Automotive, we are an independent VW garage with access to the latest VW manufacturer updates and guidelines, which are helping our team of expert technicians ensure that our VW clients are safe on the road at all times.

So with our experts knowledge and experience, alongside the VW manufacturer guidelines, our team were able to replace the faulty actuator rod and replace the part with the new genuine part recommended by VW to ensure the fault was resolved.  Without this expertise, the repair of Mr H’s VW golf could have taken a lot longer and ended up costing the client a lot more stress and money than necessary.

VW golf wastegate

This saves the client on labour costs and offers that 5-star customer service that we pride ourselves on. 

Links Automotive is an independent VW garage with client safety and value for money at the forefront of everything we do.

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