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VW Windscreen Wiper Fault


(No fault codes present)

When you get in your car, a sequence of events will come naturally—second nature.  We become so in tune with how things are supposed to work that when something changes, we become confused.

Even the smallest of changes to the usual can cause us to panic.  As humans, we like reliability.  We like patterns, and we come to expect them.  

Imagine getting into your car in the morning.  You put the key in the ignition, fasten your seat belt, and make sure the radio is on the right station, but then you notice something isn’t right.

This is what happened to Mr B.  He started his VW Polo as usual, and immediately his windscreen wipers started up. 

VW Windscreen Wiper Fault

And whilst this can happen sometimes – you may have left the stalk in the on position when you left the car because we live in the UK, and the possibility that it has been raining is high.  


What if you set the stalk back to off and the wipers continue?  Now this would throw you off your normal routine, right?

So when Mr B brought the VW Polo to our Macclesfield garage, we knew that our VW specialist technicians would need to work on the fault diagnosis, making sure we used our expertise and knowledge to get to the root cause of the electrical fault.

VW Windscreen Wiper Fault

At Links Automotive, we use a unique 15 step diagnostic evaluation to ensure that we get to the bottom of the fault and give our clients that first time fix every time.  Our team of experts are specialists in VW servicing and repairs.  We pride ourselves on offering five-star service for all our clients and ensuring that they receive outstanding customer service and great value for money.

On getting more information from Mr B, he told our VW specialists that the windscreen wipers would remain on, all the time.  No matter what position the wiper stalk was in, they were just constantly on.  As soon as the ignition started, so did the wipers. 

VW Windscreen Wiper Fault   VW Windscreen Wiper Fault

The client also advised us that he had eventually taken the fuse out to stop the wipers as he was worried that he would cause an issue with the wiper blades by constantly wiping a dry windscreen.

Armed with all the information, our team got to work on trying to understand what was going on with this VW Polo.


Part of our 15 step process at Links Automotive is to access the vehicles supply data to look for any fault codes that might be present.  So after fitting a fuse back into the control unit, we ran a fault scan and downloaded the vehicle data.

There was no fault code. 

There was no fault logged within the system.  

So we dug a little further. 

We connected up the vehicle’s control unit that controlled the windscreen wipers and looked for faults within the signals being sent and received within the unit.

This download showed our VW technician that the signals coming out of the wiper control stalk were wrong, and as a result, the wipers were being told to wipe, even if the stalk was in the off position.  To dig deeper, our VW specialist removed the steering wheel and all the trims around the stalk to complete a comprehensive check of all the relevant wiring.

The wiring for the stalk and the communication network were all intact and working as they should. 

So with this in mind, we completed further checks to the control stalk itself and concluded that the stalk was defective.

Knowing the root cause of the fault therefore allowed our VW technicians to move on to the fix.


Knowing that the fault was coming from a defective control stalk meant we got to work on getting the stalk changed.


At Links Automotive, we use genuine & high quality parts in all our VW servicing and repairs to offer our clients the peace of mind that the integrity of their VW is maintained.  We replaced the control stalk and re-tested the system. 

Just starting the ignition with the stalk in the off position confirmed that we had fixed the fault.  The windscreen wiper was doing as it should.  Being able to complete the fix and get the VW Polo back to the client within 24 hours saved Mr B the headache and stress of being without his car.

Ensuring that we get to the root cause of the fault is something we take very seriously here at Links Automotive. We want to give our clients that first time fix, every time.  Making sure that they are not caught out with continuing problems, leading to unnecessary expense.

If your VW service is due, or you have noticed something that just isn’t working as it should be, contact our team today and let our team get you back to enjoy your car. 

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