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VW Transporter T6 EML and Performance

The average day rate for a tradesperson in the UK is £200-£400 per day, and being unable to work can be a costly frustration.

So now imagine the dread that would pass over you when your VW commercial vehicle starts to fail, thinking not only of earnings you could lose but also the additional expense of a repair.  That was how Mr W felt when he began noticing a loss of power from his VW Transporter T6.

Mr W brought his commercial vehicle to our team of VW commercial specialists, advising that he had noticed his engine management light appear on his dashboard and then an immediate loss of power from the engine.   And whilst this was a new fault with the VW, the client advised our team that he had previously had to top up the coolant regularly.

With the regular coolant top-up, Mr W has saved his engine from the potential of further damage. And whilst the client had done well to prevent damage, it was now the turn of our VW commercial specialist technicians to get to the root cause of the loss of power and engine management warning light.

Here at Links Automotive, we use our unique 15 step diagnostic evaluation to ensure we get to the root cause of the fault and save our clients the stress of continuing repairs and expenses.  

Our VW Commercial garage has been working with VW commercial vehicles for over 10 years and appreciate what a day off the road costs our clients.  So using our expertise and knowledge to pinpoint the fault and give our clients the first-time fix is key to our business.


To get to the bottom of the problems Mr W was having with his VW Transporter, our team of VW specialists got to work immediately with our 15 step diagnosis process.

After an initial visual inspection of the Transporter, we accessed the serial data from the vehicle’s software to locate what error was causing the Engine Management warning light. 

With access to the data, we accessed the error codes:

  • P046C – EGR Sensor 1
  • P0401 – EGR System – insufficient flow

With the serial data and our years of expertise, we knew we had to conduct further testing on the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system.  Our team carried out a system test for the EGR system, and by completing a basic settings test, we narrowed the fault down further.

Our VW specialists confirmed that the EGR system was working, but it highlighted that it was operating outside its normal working range.  With this change in the working range not being enough to cause a system malfunction, we knew that the problem was likely to be a blockage within the EGR system.  

With this in mind and with everything Mr W had told us when he brought the Transporter in, we also carried out a cooling system pressure check.  Alongside a visual inspection of the coolant system, we could confirm no signs of external leaks of coolant.  This would indicate that the reason for the coolant levels dropping, there must be an internal leak.  

Knowing that coolant also passes through the EGR valve, it seemed very possible that the two problems were linked.  When our VW specialists removed that EGR pipework, it became evident that there was coolant within the pipework.  This confirmed that the internal coolant leak was coming from the EGR cooler.  Looking into the pipework in more detail, we identified a fracture in the cooler and the EGR valve being very sooted up, causing a blockage within the system.

Having got to the bottom of the problem, we knew what needed to be done to get this client back on the road and back to his business as soon as possible.


Now that our VW Commercial garage had completed the diagnosis and confirmed the fault, we got to work on completing the repair.

Our team replaced the EGR valve unit, including the cooler.  We also renewed the engine coolant and completed a basic setting test for the EGR system.  With everything in place, we road-tested the VW Transporter and confirmed the fix to get Mr W back on the road.


Being able to get to the root cause efficiently and thoroughly, and with our access to genuine VW parts within our Macclesfield garage, meant this VW Van was returned to its owner within 24 hours. Saving money and reducing the loss of earnings for Mr W. Unsurprisingly, Mr W was a very satisfied customer!

We know what it means to have a commercial vehicle off the road.  So making sure that we are there to offer our clients the peace of mind of a first-time fix is key to our business.

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