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Audi S4 Ventilation Malfunction

Audi S4 Heating/Cooler issues

Whilst on the surface, it would appear that a car’s ventilation system is there to keep you warm and clear your windscreen on a colder morning, but it is an intricate system of pipes, motors, flaps and sensors.

And if one part fails, it throws the whole system out.  So you can forget about warming your bones with the heater system if you have a fault within your system.  But did you also know that the system is not just responsible for keeping you warm on those chilly days?  It’s also responsible for keeping you and your engine cool, a significant part of keeping your engine running smoothly.

So if you notice your ventilation system isn’t working 100%, would you know where to start to try and be able to get to the bottom of it?  

The answer for most people is no. And that is where the expert technicians of Links Automotive come in. An example of our expertise, saving our client time and money is when Mr S brought his Audi S4 with a ventilation malfunction to our Macclesfield Audi Garage.

Mr S informed our Audi specialists that his heater vents had been malfunctioning, to the point that they would close on their own, even with the air conditioning remaining switched to cold.

At Links Automotive, we work with a 15 step evaluation process to ensure that we get to the root cause of the fault.  We are catching faults and the reasons why, meaning we save our clients the headache of significant repairs later down the line.

Alongside our experience and knowledge, our Audi specialists have access to the latest Audi manufacturer technical bulletins to ensure that our team stays ahead of the rest.  Using the bulletins and after accessing the serial data of the Audi S4, our team confirmed the following error codes:

  • B1092 07 – Motor for recirculation flap – mechanical failure
  • B2010 00 – No basic setting


The Audi specialist technicians took the S4 from Mr S to investigate the fault and error codes.

Our team started by following the recent Audi bulletin to narrow down the fault.  Using our investigation process and the bulletins, we identified a common fault with a failing vent flap motor, which would cause the whole system to malfunction.


With this insight in hand, we followed the steps to carry out a software update on the vehicle’s air conditioning system.  Once we had updated the software, our Audi specialist replaced the faulty recirculation flap motor.

Having discovered and replaced the faulty motor and with a complete check of the remaining air conditioning system, our team were happy to re-test the system and confirm that the fault had been fixed.  The re-test confirmed that the new flap motor plus the software update had fixed the problem, and Mr S has a fully functioning air conditioning system in his much loved Audi S4.



At  Links Automotive, we made a decision to be the local Audi specialist and we therefore make sure we keep a higher level of stock on site of genuine Audi parts.  This means that we can provide our clients with a quick repair by getting to the root cause as soon as possible, and having the stock on site means clients benefit by saving on labour costs.  It also means that the integrity of your Audi is maintained. 

As well as giving our clients great value for money on their Audi servicing and maintenance, by offering better labour rates, as well as reducing the likelihood of needing major repair works further down the line.

Also, whilst the Audi S4 was in our Macclesfield garage, our team completed a full visual inspection, and they were able to complete a safety check.  During the safety check, they identified a worn tyre, which would not only fail any MOT testing but was also potentially dangerous to client safety.

With client safety as our priority, we presented the finding to Mr S, who agreed that the tyre needed to be changed immediately, keeping him and those around him safe.

So whilst you may notice only a minor fault, using a team of specialists to care for your vehicle is vital in ensuring your safety and bank balance are not compromised.

If your Audi service is due, or if you have noticed a change in the smooth running of your Audi, contact Links Automotive Audi Garage today and let our team take care of you and your vehicle like you both deserve.

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