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Understanding the complexity of an engine takes years of experience working with and fixing engines. Here at Links Automotive, we never take our knowledge and experience for granted.  Our Audi specialists work with Audi manufacturing standards to ensure they are up to date on common issues found on the Audi A6.

Couple those experiences with our 15 step evaluation process, and we have become known as the Audi garage to go to in Macclesfield and the surrounding areas.

So when Mr P had a problem with an engine management light on the dashboard and reduced engine performance in his Audi A6, he immediately contacted the team to arrange an evaluation with our Audi Specialists.

Mr P had advised that the engine management light had appeared on the dash out of the blue but was swiftly followed by a noticeable drop in performance.  Having had no previous issues with the Audi A6 performance, this recent incident had left Mr P baffled about what was going on with his car.

The vehicle warning light system is in place on all modern vehicles to make sure that we are notified as soon as there is a potential problem with our vehicles.  Whilst some of the faults might be minor, there is also the potential for some serious faults which would cause your vehicle to need major repairs.

But how do you know how serious the fault is without having an expert look into it?  Are you willing to take the risk with thousands of pounds worth of repairs just because you think you might know what it could possibly mean???


Once we had the A6 within our Macclesfield location, our team of experts got to work immediately on tracing back to the root cause of the problem.  Using the 15 step process, we firstly completed a full visual inspection of the vehicle and confirmed that nothing was standing out to our technicians.

Audi A6 DPF

The next step was to access the supply data for the Audi A6, which presented us with the error code:

  • P2002 – Diesel Particulate Filter efficiency below threshold – bank 1

After locating the error code, we used Audi bulletins to find the latest information about the fault direct from the manufacturer. As a recognised Audi Garage, we have access to all the data direct from Audi, which helps us narrow a fault down to the root cause and minimise disruption for the client by giving a first-time fix.

Using the bulletins, we traced the fault back to the EGR valve and low pressure within the valve due to soot build-up.

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is a key component in making the engine more efficient, reducing fuel consumption and lowering potentially harmful emissions from the vehicle exhaust system.

With a soot build-up, the valve becomes blocked and causes a delay in the vehicle DPF process, again reducing performance and igniting a dashboard warning.



Our Audi specialist technicians removed the blocked EGR valve and confirmed with a complete visual inspection that the valve was completely blocked with soot.

It is known that this blocked valve would cause a series of problems within the exhaust management system, including the delay or complete failure of the DPF regeneration process. 

With the running of this vital system impacted, the warning light would appear, and the performance compromised. 

With our team having worked through our 15 step process and following the Audi bulletins, we were confident on our diagnosis and immediately got to work on the repair.

We replaced the low-pressure EGR cooler and ensured that the EGR valve was clear and free of debris. After retesting the vehicle for serial data, we could confirm that the repair had resolved the error code and removed the warning light. We also tested the Audi A6 and confirmed that the vehicle was back to normal with its performance. No more lagging.


When Mr P brought his Audi A6 into us, he chose us as the local Audi garage – an Audi specialist with the experience and knowledge to help get him back on the road as soon as possible.

Our expertise allowed our team to make a full diagnosis and complete the fix on the Audi A6.  Since Links Automotive offer Audi specialist repair and maintenance at much better value than the  local Audi main dealer, bringing the car to Links saved the client a significant amount of time and money for this repair. What’s more, our client had confidence in our work – trusting that our expertise and knowledge of the Audi brand together with our thorough evaluation process would get to the root cause, first time. 

With client safety as our priority, here at Links Automotive, we ensure that our work is completed to the highest standard at great value. We are saving you time and money with no compromise on quality.

So if you are having performance issues with your Audi, notice a change in drive quality or need your Audi serviced, contact our team of Audi specialists today and let us take care of you and your car as you both deserve.

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