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Audi ESP & ABS fault


(Error Codes: 00287 008 / 00287 003 / 00287 012)

Most cars nowadays come with all sorts of safety features as standard.  We have come to expect these features, so when we get warning lights telling us they aren’t working, it’s natural that we panic and contact the garage immediately.

Here at Links Automotive, we are an Audi garage with a team of Audi specialists regularly working across the entire Audi range, investigating and fixing faults.  We use our 15 step evaluation process to ensure that we get to the root cause of the problem, not leaving anything to guesswork and giving our client a first-time fix.  We use only genuine Audi parts with our Audi Service and repairs, maintaining the integrity of our client’s vehicle at all times.

When Mr H brought his Audi A3, he advised our team of Audi specialists that the ESP and ABS warning lights came on simultaneously.  And there was an immediate difference in the functionality of the ESP and ABS, affecting the vehicle’s steering.  It had also caused a fault within the tyre pressure monitoring system.


Our Audi specialist technicians started by running a global fault scan to get a complete overview of the multiple warning lights and loss of steering control.  Our team accessed multiple error codes from the serial data:

  • 00287 008 – ABS Wheel speed sensor; rear right (G44) Implausible signal
  • 00287 003 – ABS wheel speed sensor; rear right (G44) Mechanical failure
  • 00287 012 – ABS wheel speed sensor; rear right (G44) Electrical fault in circuit

With the serial data in hand and access to the Audi manufacturer guidelines, our team began to narrow the fault down before they were finally able to identify and confirm a fault with the right rear wheel speed sensor.

Audi ESP & ABS fault

Wheel speed sensors are responsible for feeding back speed information, allowing the ABS to know how much pressure needs to be applied to stop safely.  So when the speed sensor is faulty or broken, the ABS is ultimately affected, and the warning light will appear.

Using the live data we had accessed from Mr H’s Audi A3, we could see that the sensor was feeding no information back to the control unit.  And with multiple safety features relying on this feedback, it makes sense that the Audi was handling differently.

We carried out wiring tests to check for faults but confirmed that the wiring system was all intact.  Next, we had to gain access to the speed sensor unit itself.

And there, we could see the problem straight away.  The end of the sensor had been damaged by corrosion to the back of the wheel bearing, which is the wheel sensor pickup ring.  It would appear that over time, deterioration of the wheel bearing had pushed the pickup ring outwards and into the sensor, damaging the end and causing the faults.

Audi ESP & ABS fault


Now that we could see the problem, our Audi specialists got straight to work replacing the sensor and the wheel bearing.  Having access to genuine Audi parts means that we could get the fix completed within 24 hours.

With the replacement wheel bearing and sensor in place, we completed a full system retest, and we were able to confirm that our works had fixed the fault.  We updated and reset the Audi system before taking the A3 out for a road test to ensure handling was back to what you would expect from the precision engineering of Audi.

Audi ESP & ABS fault

With our unique diagnostic process and our team’s expertise in Audi servicing and maintenance, we were able to make an effective and efficient fix for Mr H, which saved him time and money.

At Links Automotive, we work hard to make sure our clients receive that gold standard service every time.  A first-time premium fix and great value for money.

If you have a problem with your Audi or need to book your Audi Service, contact our team of experts today and receive the service you and your Audi deserve.

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