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VW Golf Overheating

Volkswagen is known for its German precision engineering, but the complexity of a VW golf engine requires that everything works in sync.  All parts of the machine, working together to give the owner a comfortable, unforgettable and safe ride every time.

So when warning lights appear on your dashboard, it’s understandable to worry that there is something seriously wrong.  And that problem could cause another problem and end up costing a lot of time and money. 

Along with that, every warning light is different, and some come on for various reasons.  So to make sure that you don’t end up spending more than necessary, find yourself someone with the knowledge and passion for fixing your VW and getting you back to enjoying your car.

Here at Links Automotive, our team of expert technicians are specialists in VW. Knowing all vehicles across the brand, using our knowledge and experience to care for your VW makes our team unique.

vw golf overheating

Our 15 step evaluation process means no stone is left unturned in the maintenance and care of your VW. We are removing guesswork and giving clients that first-time fix every time.

Mr Yates chose to bring his vehicle to Links Automotive when he noticed that his car, a VW Golf, was beginning to overheat when he drove the car for more than 10/15 minutes. Mr Yates explained that the gauge was constantly going into the red zone, even though he had topped up the coolant.

And he was right to bring the VW to us as quickly as he did.  All modern VWs have a temperature gauge as standard. They act as a safety feature, protecting the engine from damage.  If an engine overheats for a prolonged period, it can cause extensive damage to various engine parts.  Seals can melt, and the heat can warp other vital components like the cylinder head.

Now we are talking about expensive work to complete.  Expensive but preventable with quick action.


We started our investigation with a visual inspection of the engine and coolant system, and we could confirm that everything looked as it should.  No visible leaks, and in fact, our technicians couldn’t see anything on the surface.  After the visual inspection, we completed a manual pressure test and confirmed no leaks within the coolant system.

Knowing our way around a VW engine means we know the next step is to check the engine water pump. There is a known problem with the impeller housing, and when they fail, it causes a reduction in the circulation of coolant, which in turn means the temperature rises.

Removing the water pump confirmed that there was a problem with the impeller.  The control valve had failed and was stopping coolant circulation, meaning the engine was gradually getting hotter when driven, leading to overheating on longer journeys.

vw golf overheating


As VW specialists, we have access to genuine VW parts at our Macclesfield garage, making our client experience as easy as possible.  Whilst our VW specialist investigated the water pump, they noticed that the cambelt was also due to be replaced given the age of the VW.

As the cambelt had to be removed to replace the water pump, this was a perfect time to make the cambelt change, saving the client the time and inconvenience of coming back again to have the cambelt replaced.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise in VW mean’s our focus is always on our client’s safety. 

Working with you to ensure that your vehicle is in its best condition.

Offering Mr Yates a first-time fix saved him unnecessary labour costs and got him back on the road. A working car and a happy client are always the best results for our VW experts at Links Automotive.

If you need help with your VW, contact our team today and book in for your VW Service.

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