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Audi TT 4WD System “A Car I Can Actually Drive”

Ever driven a real wheel drive performance car, and with the smallest hint of rain, you see your life flashing before you as the car twitches and struggles to cope with the conditions?

That’s not what anybody wants which is why our customer bought an Audi TT – all wheel drive technology. Still fun and punchy, but much more control and safety.  Best of both worlds.

When you buy a car with all-wheel drive, you come to expect to be able to drive your vehicle in all weather and around corners, not just a straight road on a perfect day.

So, when our client brought us her Audi TT advising that there was something wrong with the traction control system, and no one has been able to help her, we immediately had her booked in for a full diagnostic evaluation – keeping our customer safe, ensuring a first time fix and therefore saving money .

So let’s take a step back

Miss Tarley brought her 2010 Audi TT to us at our garage in Macclesfield after having taken the car to her local Audi dealer.

She advised us that the engine management system was saying that the 4-wheel drive system was not working. This was leading to the car feeling out of control and slippery on the road. 

The client had been advised, by the local Audi dealer, that the pump within the Haldex system had failed.  No other explanation, no offer of help.  Just saying that the 4-wheel drive system cannot function when needed.  Without this system working, the Audi TT had no traction, leaving it almost impossible to drive in rain, which let’s be honest, we have a fair amount of in Macclesfield.

Now our Audi experts know that a failure within the Haldex system is usually down to a clogged pump and filter.  The system becomes blocked with oil, which eventually burns out the pump leaving the whole system non-functioning.

The local dealer explained that unfortunately the filter is not available to order via the manufacturers dealer catalogue. “It’s deemed fitted for life”.  So basically, our customer was the owner of a partially functioning Audi TT.

The Audi dealer offered to fit a new pump and oil change, which the client took up – quite frankly she just wanted to get her car back on the road.  But unfortunately she wasn’t back on the road for long – the new pump also failed!  

So now the client is out of pocket and still didn’t have a working Audi TT.

So we got involved

The client had heard we were Audi experts so brought her TT to us at Links Automotive in Macclesfield, hoping that we would be able to help get her back on the road.  Our Audi expert technicians took the car and initially gave an external overview of the vehicle.  Having taken all the information from the client, we started by inspecting the pump system, and confirming the following Audi Error Codes:

  • 00448 – Haldex Clutch Pump (V181)
  • 011 – Open Circuit – Defective

Our Audi know-how comes from years of experience combined with our proven 15 step diagnostic process. Consequently, our technicians were quickly able to confirm that the pump had failed, but more importantly we were able to understand why! 

Our experts, as part of their inspection, removed the pump and filter, confirming that the whole system was blocked up with scum.  The Haldex unit was stripped, all the housings were cleaned, we fitted a new filter and pump into the system and completed all the necessary adaptations to ensure that the system worked correctly.  We completed the work with an oil change.

Our Audi experts cleared the error codes, tested the new system and were quickly able to advise the customer that the system was now functioning.  No more warning lights.  Full traction on corners.  No loss of power.  A very happy client.

Whilst the client had the upset and expense of going to the previous repairer and still not having a working car, it gave us the opportunity to show the client what we can do here at Links.  

Our Audi expert technicians take great pride in providing solutions for clients.  So, if you have any questions about your Audi, or would like to book in for a full diagnostic evaluation, please contact us where one of our expert technicians will be more than happy to help.

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